You can watch Telearabia MAX via the Satellite receiver or via the Android TV receiver, or by downloading our application on an Android TV.
Telearabia MAX receivers can be ordered from here : PUT AMAZON LINK

If you want to watch Telearabia MAX on your mobile devices, you need an internet connection that is suitable for streaming. Your subscription let you benefit from a 2 simultaneous connexions, so you can connect your account on your tablet/phone.

You can watch instantly from any IOS or Android Internet-connected device that offers the Telearabia MAX app, such as Android TV, mobiles or tablets.
Your subscription allows you to connect your account on Telearabia MAX application.

Our numerous TV channels include thousands of movies and TV shows available to watch instantly on any device that streams Telearabia MAX. We offer a lot of features to help you get the best experience; you can pause, rewind, fast forward or re-watch as often as you like.

Yes, we offer all programs in best SD quality. The picture quality while streaming movies and TV shows may vary from a device to another. Picture quality may be affected by a lot of factors, such as your location, the bandwidth available through and/or speed of your Internet connection.

Please check with your Internet provider for information on possible Internet standard definition. Please check also for information on possible Internet data overage charges, as you are responsible for all Internet access charges.

You can watch Telearabia MAX on 2 different devices at the same time. You can register your account on the receiver and on another device via the application (mobile phones, tablets, Android TV).

Telearabia MAX streaming software enables you to instantly watch content from Telearabia MAX through any Internet-connected device that offers the Telearabia MAX app. You will have to register to the application by using your credentials.

The software may vary by device and by medium. The functionality may also differ between devices. The use, warranties and limitations of the Telearabia MAX software is governed by our Terms of Use.

Telearabia MAX is available in whole Europe where Internet is available. If you have a satellite receiver, you can also use our service in whole Europe, where the satellite signal is available. You have to point the antenna to HOTBIRD Satellite 13 °East.

Telearabia MAX receivers are available online; on Amazon and on our store. You can find the links here.

On Amazon, the receivers are on and

For the Satellite receiver, please follow these steps:
- Connect your receiver with your satellite dish and plug it with your TV
- Follow the steps of first-time installation
- Do the channel search on the receiver and select channel list (Telearabia MAX)
- Watch all your favorite channels and a lot more

For the Android TV receiver, you have to plug it to your TV and to an Ethernet cable.
- Enter your email address once you access Telearabia MAX application
- Confirm the email received on your mailbox
- Start watching your favorite TV shows.

If you need further assistance, please contact us or send us an email to [email protected]

Telearabia MAX channels are only available on HOTBIRD Satellite 13 °East. If you can’t find our channels during the installation of your satellite receiver, please make sure that your satellite dish is pointing to the correct satellite.

Sorry, you can’t watch Telearabia MAX on your computer. Our offer is only available via our receivers, Android TV and on mobile phones and tablets.

Our application is only available if you have a Telearabia MAX receiver.
To watch your content on the go, download Telearabia MAX application on your mobile phone and tablets, from Google PlayStore or Apple Store.
Sign in with the same credentials you have for your receiver.

The minimum required connection speed is 0.5 megabits per second.

While watch instantly works with many different levels of broadband, the speed and bandwidth of your broadband Internet connection may impact your viewing experience. (Telearabia MAX streams a small amount of data as a buffer each time you start a movie or TV show. Frequently starting and stopping movies or TV shows will result in a minor increase in the amount of data Telearabia MAX streams to you per hour. In most cases, this will be less than a few minutes' worth.)

Telearabia MAX is a streaming service - movies and TV shows are streamed over the Internet, not being downloaded. Therefore, you must be connected to the Internet to watch the channels.

The duration of your plan is one year. After this period your subscription will be expired.
In order to continue watching Telearabia MAX, you can buy our vouchers to pay 3 months, 6 months or 1-year for a new subscription.

We are sorry to hear that you want to go, but you have a subscription for one year and you can’t cancel it. When your subscription is expired, you can decide to stay and register again or not.

Each receiver has a unique serial number (S/N). It’s mentioned at the bottom of your Telearabia MAX receiver on the sticker.
You will need to give us the last 5 digits when you call us so that we can find your account easily.

The satellite receiver costs 170 € with 1-year subscription included and the Android
receiver is sold at 199 € with also 1-year subscription. Please check which one you can use at home.

One account can have 2 simultaneous connexions on different devices, the price won’t change, no matter how much you watch.

Telearabia MAX team is here to help in case you have a problem or a question.
You can send us an email to [email protected].

You can also call us, we speak 3 languages; French, Arabic and English.
Belgium : +3251280401
Netherlands : +31223788195
United Kingdom : +441565743673
Germany : +493092107906

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